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Don't be fooled by the label

Choose food that is good for you and the environment

Think about air quality

Keep your renovations safe

In May 2005, concerned New Brunswickers started talking about ways to reduce children’s exposure to chemicals pollutants in air, water, and soil. After several meetings and discussions, the Children’s Environmental Health Collaborative was created.

Today, this network includes over 400 people from nearly 100 agencies and organizations, representing government, non-government, academia, professional associations from the health, environment and education sectors. These concerned New Brunswickers want to make sure that children have healthy environments in which to live, learn and play. With expertise and experience available from many different agencies, participants build on each other’s strengths and work together toward the common goal of a healthy world for our children.

Our vision
To provide a clean and healthy environment for children in New Brunswick.

The work of the NB Children’s Environmental Health Collaborative is supported by the CEH Strategy for Action and is guided by six goals:

Goal 1: Develop and maintain a collaborative effort of stakeholders in New Brunswick
Goal 2: Develop and advance educational opportunities for families and professionals
Goal 3: Encourage and promote research
Goal 4: Improve policy and legislation related to children’s environmental health
Goal 5: Reduce exposure to specific contaminants through strategic directions
Goal 6: Promote and foster children’s interaction with nature

Learn, Take Action, Share!
Here are some ways you can participate: read up on children's environmental health, share information with your family, friends, and colleagues, visit the CEH Facebook page, attend one of our conferences, or be an active part of the Collaborative by joining a team! Contact to learn more.



I support this movement and draft proposal by the NBCEH Health Bill of Rights.


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