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Voice Of The People Tour - Saint John April 5th Flyer

Saturday, 01 March 2014 18:19

Save Our Seed!

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The rights of farmers and other Canadians to save, reuse, exchange, and sell seeds are under attack again.

On November 13, 2013, Canada’s Agriculture Minister, Gerry Ritz, announced that Canada plans to sign on to UPOV ’91 by August 1 2014. On December 9, 2013 he introduced an omnibus agriculture bill in Parliament, called the "Agricultural Growth Act" which contains the required amendments to the Plant Breeders Rights Act to conform with UPOV '91 among other measures.

Read more here.
Saturday, 25 January 2014 14:25

Attention all Shale Gas Opponents!

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All shale gas opponents: Please take steps to sign this letter demanding that Environment Canada include fracking  chemicals in the National Pollutant Release Inventory (NPRI). EC originally included them but is backtracking (what else is new?)

Canadians need to know about what chemicals are being used in fracking. EC’s position that hydraulic fracturing is not covered by NPRI is not acceptable. 
Click here
to use the WCELA online form letter or email EC at"> by SATURDAY February 8, 2014 to tell them what you think.

Thursday, 09 January 2014 17:32

Agissons pour la nature du Nouveau-Brunswick !

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 Nous avons attendu plus d'un an depuis des supporters de la SNAP ont fait part au gouvernement provincial de leurs commentaires sur une proposition pour de nouvelles aires naturelles protégées, qui représentent des forêts anciennes, des habitats sauvages vulnérables et des rivières sauvages situés dans tous les coins de la Nouveau-Brunswick.

Plus d’une année s’est écoulée et la province n’a pas encore fait l’annonce de ce qui se produira avec ces aires proposées et pendant que nous attendons qu’une décision soit prise, les approbations de développement industriel avancent à grands pas.

Nous avons besoin de votre aide pour nous aider à alimenter le feu, de façon à ce que ces aires protégées proposées ne soient pas éliminées du programme de la province. Veuillez prendre un moment immédiatement pour envoyer une lettre au ministre des Ressources naturelles, lui demandant l’état de ces demandes d’aires protégées proposées.

Envoyer une lettre mainteant, ici:

À l’heure actuelle, seulement 3 % de la superficie du Nouveau-Brunswick bénéficie d’une forme permanente de protection. Grâce à votre aide, nous pouvons remédier à cette situation. Agissez dès aujourd’hui !

sweet spot small  

Photo: R. Clowater/CPAWS NB - la rivière Restigouche

We've been waiting over a year since many hundreds of people who care about New Brunswick's wilderness submitted comments to the provincial government on a proposal for new protected natural areas. The candidate areas included old forests, sensitive wildlife habitats, and wild rivers located in all corners of New Brunswick. More than a year later, the province still hasn’t announced what will happen with those candidate areas and while we wait for them to decide, industrial development approvals are proceeding at a rapid pace.

We need your help to keep the pot boiling so these proposed protected areas don’t drop off the province’s agenda. Please take a moment right now to send a simple letter to the Minister of Natural Resources, asking about the status of these candidate protected areas.

Take Action Now - Go to this link to write a letter: river small

Currently, only 3% of New Brunswick is under any form of permanent protection. With your help, we can change that. Take action today!


Poster and Feather Cut-out Worksheet

Nov 05 at 07:30 AM - Nov 05 at 01:00 PM

Vist the Facebook page: PEACE & FRIENDSHIP GATHERING:


We encourage people and groups from throughout New Brunswick to share this link and download the attached Event Poster for prominent  display in your community.


Also attached is a Feather Worksheet to create your own cut-out paper feathers which we encourage everyone to bring to the rally and gathering.  These sheets can be printed in a variety of coloured paper stock, as indicated in the instructions on the sheet.





Friday, 13 September 2013 09:43

Show support for New Brunswick Provincial Parks

Written by

Photo: Mount Carleton Provincial Park - LeeAnn Haggerty

For the first time in decades, the province is asking for your input on the New Brunswick Parks Act, the law that decides what happens in our provincial parks.

Despite all of our parks’ stunning scenery, wildlife watching and beautiful beaches, the current Parks Act doesn’t even refer to nature or conservation! CPAWS' calls for a review of the Act have been successful, so now it's important that the government hears from people like you who care about our provincial parks.

Please take a moment right now to write a letter to let them know what you think is important to include in our Parks Act. Comments are due on September 13th.

We need a strong law that will forever protect the wilds of Mount Carleton Provincial Park, the seashore of New River Beach and all our other provincial park treasures. With your help, we can secure a better future for our provincial parks.

Yours in conservation,

Roberta Clowater
Executive Director, CPAWS-NB

Photo: Mount Carleton Provincial Park - LeeAnn Haggerty

Pour la première fois depuis des décennies, la province demande votre opinion à propos de la Loi sur les parcs du Nouveau-Brunswick, la loi qui décide ce qui va se passer dans nos parcs provinciaux.

En dépit des paysages éblouissants, de l’observation de la faune et des belles plages, la présente Loi sur les parcs ne fait même pas allusion à la nature, ni à la conservation ! Nos demandes pour une révision ont réussi et il est important que le gouvernement entende de gens comme vous qui sont préoccupés par nos parcs provinciaux.

Veuillez prendre un moment dès maintenant pour écrire une lettre pour les informer de ce que vous croyez être important d’inclure dans notre Loi sur les parcs. Les commentaires doivent être soumis avant le 13 septembre.

Envoyer une lettre maintenant!

Il nous faut une loi stricte qui va protéger les régions sauvages du Parc provincial du Mont Carleton, les plages de New River Beach, ainsi que tous nos autres trésors de parcs provinciaux. Grâce à votre aide, nous pouvons assurer un meilleur avenir pour nos parcs provinciaux.

En solidarité pour la conservation,

Roberta Clowater
Directrice Générale, SNAP Nouveau-Brunswick

Mactaquac kayaking

LG Award 2012

In 2012, the Lieutenant-Governor’s Award of Excellence in Land Conservation was established to mark the 25th anniversary of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick. Mary Majka, one of Canada’s great pioneering conservationists, was the recipient of the inaugural award.

Call for nominations for 2013!

As Honorary Patron of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick, the Honourable Graydon Nicholas, Lieutenant-Governor of New Brunswick will present the award in recognition of an individual or organization’s significant contributions to the protection of natural heritage through land conservation in New Brunswick.

Do you know an individual or organization that has demonstrated excellence in land conservation in our province?

Successful nominees will have a significant impact on land conservation in New Brunswick through leadership, direct action, and long-term involvement as well as other significant contributions. Eligible nominees may include those individuals or organizations involved in stewardship, volunteerism, donation of lands, or building effective partnerships, and must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • - An individual or entity who has contributed in a sustained manner over a significant period of time.
  • - An individual or entity who has contributed significantly in a relatively short amount of time.
  • - A donor of funds or property.
  • - A volunteer, steward and/or member of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.
  • - A corporate or community partner of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick.
  • - An individual who contributed significantly in the past and should be recognized posthumously.

The nomination deadline for this year’s award is Sept. 15, 2013. Nominations may be submitted by mail or email (

The Selection Committee shall have five members, as chosen by:

  • - The Atlantic Regional Board of the Nature Conservancy of Canada
  • - The New Brunswick Minister of Natural Resources
  • - The Regional Director of the federal Department of Environment
  • - The Board of Nature NB
  • - A Chairperson named by the Board of Trustees of the Nature Trust of New Brunswick

Nominating and Selection Process

Nominations may be in French or English, typewritten, and submitted with the following components:

  • - Nomination letter – a cover letter including the name, address, telephone number and organization of both the nominee and nominator(s).
  • - Accomplishments – a narrative based on the selection criteria for the Award (not exceeding three pages) explaining the basis for the nomination that, in the opinion of the nominator(s), qualifies the nominee for the award, with such supporting evidence as may be appropriate for the Selection Committee to consider.
  • - References.

The Selection Committee will make the judgment solely on the basis of the information received and will not seek additional information about any of the nominees.

Please note that, in making its decision, the Selection Committee attaches considerable importance to the nature and the quality of the documentation submitted by the nominators.

Nominations received for the Award in any given year will be considered automatically for the next two years after receipt of a renewal of nomination letter by nominator(s).

In any given year, the Selection Committee may decide not to give an award.

The names of the nominees and the ranking of the nominees by the Selection Committee shall be treated confidentially.

Click here to download the Nomination Form!

2 Août 2013

Noel Augustine, Geptin

Grand conseil des Mi’kmaq

District de Signigtog,



Cher Geptin Augustine,

Nous, les groupes communautaires soussignés, appuyons votre présentation d’un avis d’expulsion à SWN Resources Canada et à toutes ses compagnies subsidiaires ou entrepreneurs impliqués dans l’exploration ou l’extraction des gaz de schiste dans le territoire Signigtog.

Le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick a agi d’une façon unilatérale et antidémocratique. Il n’a fait aucun effort pour consulter votre peuple. Il n’a pas tenu compte de vos déclarations, de vos droits et de vos titres fonciers.

Il a refusé d’écouter le mouvement populaire qui prend de l’ampleur chaque jour. Il a refusé d’entreprendre une évaluation des risques pour la santé même si le médecin hygiéniste en chef l’avait fortement suggéré. Il ignore les preuves accablantes que l’extraction non conventionnelle des gaz de schiste menace notre santé, notre environnement et le bienêtre des futures générations.

Mais, bien que le gouvernement du Nouveau-Brunswick agisse comme si nous n’existions pas, il travaille main dans la main avec la Southwestern Energy Company (SWN). Son dernier geste de bonne volonté a consisté à accorder la permission de forer dans nos terres humides et dans les zones tampons de nos cours d’eau dans huit comtés.

Compte tenu de ces circonstances où les processus démocratiques sont carrément mis à l’écart et que nous nous voyons forcés de choisir entre l’extraction des gaz et du pétrole par fracturation hydraulique ou notre santé, c’est pour nous un honneur de vous appuyer personnellement et soutenir les revendications de votre peuple.

Solidaires avec vous :

Conservation Council of NB

Council of Canadians, Fredericton

Council of Canadians, Saint John

Darlings Island Nauwigewauk Fracking Intervention

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Friends of Mt. Carelton

Friends of the UNB Woodlot

Memramcook Action

New Brunswickers Against Fracking

Tantramar Alliance Against Hydro-Fracking

Upriver Environment Watch

Water and Environmental Protection for Albert County

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