Launched in 2015, Great Minds Think Outside feeds creativity, improves well-being and grows environmental stewards through innovative outdoor learning.

Great Minds Think Outside is a hands-on, curriculum-linked, outdoor professional development program that will give teachers and educators the skills, tools, and resources they need to teach their students outside – whatever the subject matter!

This program is the first of its kind in New Brunswick, and is designed to fit your work environment. Rather than having individual educators travel to workshops (which can be difficult), this program will bring training to educators in their schools, school districts, other locations, at times that are convenient for them! By offering the sessions in their daily work environment, the educators learn to see the possibilities of teaching in their own yards.

Additionally, this program allows for more time spent outside, both during and beyond the training, an activity that is often put aside, but that is oh-so essential to our overall wellness.


  • Improved of mental and physical health, and wellness for both students and teachers
  • Reduced challenging behaviours among students
  • A stronger connection with nature
  • Fresh air and exercise to help combat the obesity epidemic and lead to more active lifestyles
  • ...and all while learning!


We offer training on how to teach outside and what to teach outside. Any and all learning outcomes can be met outside, with a little creativity! We can help you figure out how to teach science, math, social studies, language arts, physical education, and everything in between – outside, rain or shine. Half day and full day sessions are available.

This program combines a wide range of theoretical concepts leads (Adventure Wave, Joseph Cornell’s Stages of Flow Learning TM, Experiential Learning Model) to which can be adapted to suit groups based on their individual needs. Great Minds Think Outside incorporates the sequenced “broad strokes” of briefing, fun high energy activity, focusing attention/reflecting experiences, debriefing which hopefully leads the participants to transfer the acquired learnings to their schools, homes and or workplaces.


Outdoor and nature education should be available to all! For that reason, this program is targeting the following groups:

  • Elementary, middle, and high school teachers
  • B. Ed. students
  • Early childhood educators
  • Guide & Scout leaders
  • After school programs leaders
  • Summer camp staff
  • Park interpreters

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